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吉原娱乐平台 www.toura.cn   英语考试考不好不要沉浸失望的过程中,应该快速寻找好的英语学习途径,比如做些英语试题。以下是小编给你推荐的八年级英语下期末试题及参考答案,希望对你有帮助!


  一、听力选择 (20分)

  A) 根据所听到的对话内容,选择正确的选项。(每小题1分)

  1. What sign can they see?

  2. Which organization does Jack’s sister work for?

  3. How will the woman go to Los Angeles?

  4. Where are they going tonight?

  5. When will the plane take off?

  A. 7:15. B. 7:00. C. 7:30.

  6. What kind of weather doesn’t the man like?

  A. Cloudy days. B. Hot days. C. Rainy days.

  7. Why is the boy still in the library?

  A. Because the book is interesting.

  B. Because he forgets the time.

  C. Because the bad weather prevents him from leaving.

  8. How long has the woman been here?

  A. For 5 minutes. B. For 20 minutes. C. For 15 minutes.

  9. How much more money does the man need to buy the book?

  A. 15 yuan. B. 10 yuan. C. 5 yuan.

  10. What does the man think of the film?

  A. Wonderful. B. Boring. C. Interesting.

  B) 根据所听到的对话或短文内容,选择正确的选项。(每小题1分)


  11. How many times has the boy read the novel?

  A. Never. B. Twice. C. Three times.

  12. What will the girl probably do?

  A. She’ll borrow the novel. B. She’ll go to buy the novel.

  C. She’ll work in the bookshop.


  Joe Reed

  Education background ●studied in school for fourteen years

  ●already 13 years old when he finished school

  Father’s advice ●go to town and get a good job

  ●some clever people are needed to work 14

  Hunting for a job ●a man took him into 15

  ●Joe answered the questions quickly

  13. A. eighteen B. sixteen C. seventeen

  14. A. in a computer company B. in the bank C. in the office

  15. A. a small room B. a big office C. a small hotel


  16. Why was Father’s Day started?

  A. Because there was a Mother’s Day.

  B. Because few countries have a Father’s Day.

  C. Because people liked their fathers very much.

  17. Where was Father’s Day started?

  A. In China. B. In Australia. C. In America.

  18. Which of the following is TRUE?

  A. Father’s Day has a long history.

  B. Father’s Day has a short history.

  C. Mother’s Day has a shorter history than Father’s Day.

  19. What’s the writer’s idea?

  A. Father’s Day is getting popular.

  B. Father’s Day is a public holiday in China.

  C. Fathers work harder than mothers.

  20. What is the real meaning of Father’s Day?

  A. To buy presents for fathers. B. To tell children what to do.C. To show love for fathers.

  二、单项填空 (15分)


  21. Xi Jinping made his visit to Finland ,____European country. It was _____ great success.

  A. a, a B. a, an C. an, an D. an, a

  22.The shop in Wanda Square ______for five years, but I ______there so far.

  A. has opened; haven’t gone B. has been open; haven’t been

  C. has been open; haven’t gone D. has opened; haven’t been

  23.It’s kind ___ them to give food and clothes to homeless people. They think it important _____ them to do so.

  A. of ; for B. for ; of C. of ; to D. to; for

  24.—When did your father come back from England?


  A. Until 2 weeks ago. B. Since 2 weeks ago.

  C. For 2 weeks. D. Not until last Sunday

  25. — What do you think of being a volunteer ___________ the Youth Olympic Games?

  — Well, I feel proud that I can work here ___________ a volunteer.

  A. with; for B. for; with C. for; as D. as; for

  26.—Are you sure you have to do this now? It's been very late.

  —I don't know to do it if not now.

  A.where B.how C.what D.when

  27.Which of the following is an opinion?

  A. There are many restaurants in Suzhou.

  B. Thousands of people visit Suzhou Gardens every year.

  C. 2016 World Badminton Championships were held in Kunshan.

  D. Life in Suzhou is Getting better in some ways.

  28.—I’d like to travel to Moscow for vacation.

  —Be realistic! For our poor situation at present, we can’t _____ a vacation.

  A. Afford B. offer C. accept D. provide

  29.—Would you mind my opening the window?

  —__________. It’s too cold outside the room now.

  A. Never mind B. Better not C. I’m afraid not D. Of course not

  30. —He’s already back to the USA, __________?

  —_________.He is on a business trip in Suzhou.

  A. isn’t he; Yes B. hasn’t he; No C. hasn’t he; Yes D. isn’t he; No

  31.—Who can help me carry the heavy box?

  —I think David is _______ to do it. But the door is ______for him to go through.

  A. too strong; too narrow B. too strong; narrow enough

  C. strong enough; too narrow D. strong enough; narrow enough

  32.—I _____reading English every morning.

  —Yes, now English is more and more important. It is used _______first language in many countries.

  A. am used to ; by B. am used to; as C. sed to ; by D. used to ;as

  33.At last, the boy was made ______computer games and began to do his homework.

  A. stop playing B. to stop to play C. stop to play D. to stop playing

  34.Sir, you ______use your mobile phone at the gas station. It’s very dangerous.

  A. mustn’t B. don’t have to C. needn’t D. may not

  35.— I’ll try harder next time.

  —You have said it one hundred times. But ______________.

  A. the early bird catches the worm. B. a friend in need is a friend indeed.

  C. you can’t burn the candle at both ends D. actions speak louder than words

  三、完形填空 (15分)

  I was always ___36___ and had too many things to do. Whenever my daughter caused me to change my plans, I thought to myself, “We don’t have time ____37___ this.” So the two words I always said to her were: ___38___.

  The other day, the two of us rode to a ___39___ near our home. After shopping I bought her an ice cream, and she sat down ____40____ a table happily admiring the ice cream in her hand. Suddenly a ___41___ look appeared on her face. “Do I have to eat it up in a hurry, Mum?”

  I nearly cried when hearing this—the pains of a hurried life influenced(影响) my poor girl so deeply! As she looked at me waiting to know if she could ___42__ her time. I knew I had to make a ___43___. I thought of the times when I rushed (催促) my child through life, I began ___44__ what really matters in life….

  “You don’t have to ____45____. Just enjoy it.” I said gently. Her whole face brightened and her shoulders ____46____. We sat side by side talking about things that interested us.

  When she got to the last bite (一口), she held it out to me, “ I ____47____ the last bite for you, Mum,” she said ____48____. As the icy taste put out my thirst, I realized I just got the present of a lifetime. I____49___ my child a little time… and in return, she gave me her last bite and reminded(提醒) me that things taste sweeter and love is easier to get when you stop rushing ____50____ life.

  36. A. happy B. sad C. busy D. free

  37. A. to B. for C. with D. about

  38. A. Keep quiet B. Take care C. Hurry up D. Work hard

  39. A. station B. school C. office D. supermarket

  40. A. on B. beside C. at D. near

  41. A. worried B. tired C. exciting D. surprising

  42. A. waste B. take C. cost D. pay

  43. A. mark B. plans C. wish D. choice

  44. A. explaining B. forgetting C. discussing D. wondering

  45. A. worried B. busy C. hurry D. eat

  46. A. lifted B. relaxed C. turned D. raised

  47. A. bought B. carried C. saved D. tasted

  48. A. happily B. quiet C. sadly D. patiently

  49. A. caught B. gave C. made D. taught

  50. A. across B. cross C. thought D. through


  It’s not WASTE until it is WASTED!

  With the World Environment Day coming, our school is now requiring every student to form a habit of sorting(分类)the waste. Here in our schoolyard we lay four different colors of rubbish bins for different kinds of rubbish. The red is for harmful waste; the blue is for waste that can be recycled; the green is for kitchen waste; the yellow is for other waste.

  The followings are some instructions for you.

  Glass: Empty bottles without caps can be recycled to make new

  glass bottles.

  Warning: Mirrors and light bulbs(电灯泡) must not be included in the glass waste.

  Paper: Newspapers, magazines, boxes must be clean enough to be recycled.

  Warning: Paper tissues(餐纸) and wall paper are not recyclable as paper and should be kept separately.

  PMD waste: Packaging made of Plastic or Metal and Drink boxes are used to make new packaging.

  Warning: Plastic pots (e.g. yoghurt pots), plastic bags must not be included with the PMD waste.

  Harmful waste: out-of-date drugs, used batteries, paint and oil…

  Besides, if you don’t need your old bikes at all, our school volunteers will collect them. We’re going to fix them up and then give them away to kids who don’t have enough money for a bike.

  To find out more about recycling, you can visit our school website.

  51. According to the passage,________ different colors of rubbish bins are laid in the schoolyard.

  A. 4 B. 5 C. 6 D. 7

  52. The fish bones(骨) should be thrown in the ___________ bin.

  A. red B. green C. blue D. yellow

  53. From the passage, we can see that _________ are harmful to the environment.

  A. paper tissues B. empty bottles C. drink boxes D. out-of-date drugs

  54. If you give your old bike to the volunteers, it will be ________________.

  A. sold to collect money for the poor kids B. fixed up and given back to you for free

  C. fixed up and given away to the poor kids D. given away immediately to the poor kids

  55. The main purpose of this passage is ________________.

  A. to look for volunteers for waste sorting B. to introduce waste sorting to the students

  C. to introduce the World Environment Day

  D. to advertise glass, paper and plastic products


  The British are known as people who love to stand in line, but a new research shows that the British are only about average (平均数) at waiting politely in a queue(排、队). The French are the best. It's the Germans who don't have a good habit of standing in line. They can't stand to wait for anything. They begin to shout loudly and noisily if the line doesn't seem to be moving fast enough. Sadly it never moves fast enough for them.

  The experts studied 940 people across Europe. They watched secretly as they waited in line to get tickets, to order fast food and to wait for the bus. They found people who are good at forming (排成) queues feel that they move along faster. For example, in Britain, the average waiting at a queue needs about three and a half minutes. In Germany or Sweden people hate waiting in line. In fact, people spend double the time as the British in queues. They get to the front of the queue without thinking about others, so they waste others' time.

  The expert who did the research had asked a person to break into a queue to see what people would do. In Britain, people shouted loudly at him, but when he said," I' m terribly sorry. I didn't realize there was a queue. Do go before me. " People smiled and said. "Oh, that's all right, one more won't matter much. "It was also found in France, where 80% of the people didn't mind standing in line only if they were treated politely. While in Germany everyone was angry and wore an unhappy face. The expert said, "If only they could learn from the British and the French to think of queuing as an exercise in making the best of an unhappy thing, they might find that the queue then moves faster."

  56. The research shows that the people in _______ are the most polite in standing in line.

  A. Sweden B. Britain C. France D. Germany

  57. The Germans spend more time than the British in queues because they __________.

  A. always talk a lot with others B. like waiting in line

  C. don't follow the rule of queuing D. don't know the rule of queuing

  58. According to the research, which of the following is TRUE ?

  A. The British didn't care about the queue jumper.

  B. The Germans were angry with the queue jumper.

  C. The French treated the queue jumper badly.

  D. The Swedish enjoyed themselves while queuing.

  59. From the last sentence we know the expert wished the Germans could__________.

  A. have a good habit of standing in line B. save others' time while queuing

  C. move quickly when queuing D. take exercise in queues

  60. The result of the research shows that__________.

  A. people in Europe hate waiting in line B. standing in line is a kind of exercise

  C. there are always queue jumpers all over the world

  D. people who are good at standing in line think they move along faster

  第Ⅱ卷 (共50分)


  Nowadays in school life,a lot of students develop a fear of tests. It’s not because tests are something to be afraid of. Most students are afraid of tests mainly because they don’t have enough self-confidence and they don’t always think they are well prepared. If you follow the tips below, it’s not difficult to overcome(克服)your fear of tests.

  People who know that they are not well-prepared are usually those who fear test most. However, most students don’t know when they are truly prepared for a test. As long as(只要)you know that you have studied well and long enough, you have a reason to believe that you are well-prepared.

  Be confident about yourself. Confidence before a test can bring about two things: either you fail the test and feel as if your confidence was unfounded(毫无根据)or you could actually do well in the test because of your confidence. Some students find that they experience the first result. However, this is only because those students might not have followed the first tip mentioned above. As long as you have studied well, you will be more confident of your chance to succeed in a test. If you feel as if you have not studied hard enough, then you will not be as confident as you should be.

  Ask your teacher about the main points that may be covered in the test while getting ready for the test. In this way, you will know what you should prepare for and you can get confidence in the test. But you have to be brave enough to ask. Most students do not ask if their teacher doesn’t give the information first, so make sure that you ask.

  You should know that tests just check your knowledge and don’t lose heart because of one test failure. As long as you think that there is another tomorrow, you can overcome your fear of a test. However, make sure that you are going to prepare well for the other tests.

  Fear can be a problem in the process of achieving success. However, with the right attitude(态度)and preparations, you can overcome your fear of tests by using these tips.

  Title: 1 to overcome your fear of tests

  2 Prepare well You should make good preparations.

  If you have studied well and long enough, you would 3

  that you are well-prepared.

  Be 4 Confidence before a test can have two 5 .

  ●You could fail the test and feel as if your confidence was unfounded.

  ●Your confidence could lead to your 6 in the test.

  Confidence comes from 7 hard enough.

  Ask your teacher You can ask your teacher what the test may 8 .

  Hold a positive attitude Keep in mind that tests just 9 your knowledge.

  Conclusion Right attitude and 10 are the key factors(因素)in overcoming your fear of tests.

  1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

  6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

  六、阅读表达(共5小题;每小题2分,满分10分)No more than 8 words.

  Up in the Sky

  Take a trip up a hill on a windy day. What is flying high in the sky? It isn’t a bird or a plane. It is a kite!

  Kids and adults like flying kites. Long ago, the first kites were made by Chinese people. Then, people around the world began flying kites.

  One story tells a man’s hat got lifted off by wind. He had fun chasing his hat, so he did it again! His hat became the first kite. Other stories tell that people liked watching leaves on windy days. They tied leaves to strings and watched them fly.

  Long ago, kites became important in keeping China protected. A man might be lifted up by a kite while he spied(监视) on an enemy. He could use the kite to fly high like a plane. He could also fight from the air!

  Kites come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. They are usually made of cloth or paper. A kite might be shaped like a bird, a fish, or just a box. Kites are also painted with colors.

  You can use a kite to catch fish. First you tie a fishing line to a kite. Then you put bait(鱼饵) on the line. You watch the kite with hopes as it flies over the water. When you pull the kite down, you might find a fish on your line! Some people think this is more fun than using a fishing pole(杆).

  Many countries have special days to honor kites. People make, sell and fly many types of kites. There are several kite festivals in China. The Beijing International Kite Festival is usually held in April every year. People spend all days flying kites. You might see famous fighter kites. People fly these kites quite fast and try to cut other flyer’s lines.

  There is much to learn about kites. From long ago in China until now, kites have had many uses. They have been used for spying, fighting, and fishing. But the best way to use a kite is to fly it high for fun!

  1. Who made the first kites long ago? _______________________________________

  2. What did people tie to strings?___________________________________________

  3. What are kites usually made of?__________________________________________

  4. When is the Beijing International Kite Festival usually held?____________________

  5. What have people used kites for?________________________________

  七、词汇检测 (10分)

  1.—I hear you are going to the US to stay for several months.

  —That's right.So my main (目的)is to improve my English.

  2.Mr Wu wants Tom to repeat these (语法) rules in class.

  3.They have no right to (隔开) ORBIS doctors from the patients.

  4. It is he who (塑造) his own future because he does not get any support from his parents.

  5.Almost all the parents want their children to get the best (教育).

  6.The officer has devoted most of his time to (develop)the west of China,we always take pride in him.

  7.—Do you think it hard to hold such a big sports meeting (success) in the small town ,Kitty?

  —Yes.But we will help them as much as we can.

  8.I think it is his (proud)moment that he has ever had because he has won first prize.

  9.The disabled fell ill and (send) to the local hospital.

  10.Did you avoid (express) your unusual opinions in England?


  Holding doors open for people behind you, picking up litter, thanking people … these acts of kindness s___1___ very small. But students at No.1 Middle School know that s___2___ small acts make the world a better place.

  Eighth-graders from this school, took part in the Random(随机的) Acts of Kindness Week f__3__ March 31 to April 4. During the week, they tried their best to do kind things for others. Murray, an English teacher at the school, started the activity. Since she was little, she has always tried to do small acts of kindness in her daily life. “I believe the world is c__4__ by small things,” she told the newspaper The Daily Times. Over the week, to her s__5__, Murray also saw great changes in her class.

  Before that, she always needed to ask her s___6___ to push the chairs in or turn off the lights before they leave the classroom. Now, the students do those things by t__7___. “The teachers have a lot of work,” said Jordon, one of Murray’s students. He learned to care more about others. Eliza, a__8__ student, gave out more praise to others. “It makes them feel happy and successful,” she said. The activity made students feel that they can make a difference. Murray decides to continue to do at l____9____ one act of kindness every week, however busy she is. She b___10______ her acts can encourage others.

  1. s 2. s 3.f 4.c 5.s

  6. s 7. t 8. a 9.l 10. b

  九、书面表达 (满分10分)

  社会不断在发展进步,成绩好已经不再是衡量一个好学生的唯一标准。某校正在开展“走进新时代,争当合格中学生”的大讨论,以“We act,we improve”为主题,写一篇演讲稿,谈谈你觉得除了学习课本知识之外,我们还应该做些什么?提示如下:

  平时 1. 学会照顾自己, 高标准工作,谦虚,易于合作;

  2. 有好的阅读习惯,提高自己;

  3. 注意?;せ肪?,不乱丢垃圾,步行或骑自行车上学;

  4. 懂餐桌礼仪,举止文明......(自由发挥1-2句)

  空余时间 1. 关注残疾人,给他们向公众展示技能的机会;

  2. 欣赏大自然的美,理解?;ご笞匀坏闹匾?。

  总结 ……(1-2句)

  要求:1. 注意人称和时态。

  2. 要点齐全,可适当增加细节使句子通顺、连贯。

  3. 不要逐字翻译,词数100左右,开头已给出,不计入总词数。

  With the development of the society, to learn well is not the only thing a student should do. To be a qualified(合格的) middle school student, I think we have a lot of things to do.


  一 、听力 20

  1—5 ABBBA 6—10 CCBCB

  11—15 CBACA 16—20 ACBAC



  四、阅读20 ABDCB CCBAD

  五、任务型阅读1. How/Ways 2. Tips/Advice 3 believe 4 confident 5 things/results

  6. success 7. studying 8. cover 9. check /test 10. preparations


  七、1. Chinese people 2. Leaves.

  3. They are usually made of cloth or paper.

  4. In April. 5. Spying, fighting, fishing

  七、词汇 purpose grammar separate shapes education developing successfully proudest were sent expressing

  八、首字母填空 1.seem 2.such 3.from 4.changed 5.surprise

  6.students 7.themselves 8.another 9.least 10.believes


  With the development of the society, to learn well is not the only thing a student should do. To be a qualified(合格的) middle school student, I think we have a lot of things to do.

  First, we usually learn to look after ourselves. We should work to high standards and we are modest and easy to work with. Second, we should have good reading habits to improve ourselves. Third,we should pay attention to protecting the environment. We must not drop litter carelessly. We had better go to school on foot or by bicycle. Fourth, we should learn about good table manners and behave politely. We should wait for everyone to finish before you leave the table. We should queue, we must not push in before others.

  Moreover,in our spare time,we should care about the disabled and give them a chance to show their skills to the public.Also,we should go out to enjoy the beauty of nature in order to understand the importance of protecting nature.

  In a word,if we follow the advice,we will make a big difference to ourselves.\The more we act,the better we will improve.








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