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吉原娱乐平台 www.toura.cn   城市的上班族越来越多,为了方便都会选择快餐,现在俨然已经成为了“快餐时代”,快餐对于我们来说有利也有害。下面,学习啦小编帮你整理了快餐优缺点高中英语作文,希望你喜欢!


  Fast food business has developed tremendously in the past 50 years.nowadays people will see all kinds of fast food restaurants here and there.which clearly shows how closely it is related to our daily life.most people believe that fast food business has become part of our life and its developement is good for both society and people.

  Firstly,the best thing about fast food is being fast. now everyone lives a busy life so time is the most valuable thing to us all.fast food offers a most efficient way to eat.you will waste no time in waiting or choosing.secondlu,fast food restaurants provide us with a good environment for entertainment and study.friends come here,chatting or playing cards;students come here,reading books or doing homework,and meanwhile you can enjoy a bag of chips and a bottle of cola which will bring more pleasure.thirdly, youngsters can even find good opportunities of working practice in some fast food restaurants.working experience help them understand the society better and improve their communicating skills.

  In many ways,we beefit a lot from the fast food business.therefore,i think it helpful and important to our life.


  Fast-food is becoming more and more popular in China, especially among children, teenagers and white-collars.


  There are several reasons for its popularity. First, it's so convenient that saves a lot of time. Your just need to go into a fast-food restaurant, order your food, and your food is ready in time. Second, you can have many choices, various collocations of food. And you can eat it there or take it away. Third, the environment of fast-food restaurants is both clean and comfortable.


  However, in terns of nutrition, it is usually not a balanced diet and low in nutritional value. Usually, fast-food is rich in sugar, so that regularly eat fast-food may cause obesity.


  Fast-food is only a good choice when you are in a hurry and turn to it once in a while. But for people, especially children, eat fast-food as little as possible.



  Fast food develops fast nowadays because it is economic,convenient and there are kinds of food meet different flavors. It will become more and more popular in the future.

  However,I don't think eating too much fast food is good for our health. Fast food may cause illness. I admit that fast food is cheap and convenient. You can fill your stomach easily without paying too much. And you don't have to pretend to be graceful when you do want to. Different flavours meet different tastes. You can decide what you want to eat. But every coin has two sides. Fast food also has troubles. The most worrying one is whether fast food is clean or not. In order to gain a greater profit,some snack bars try every means to reduce the cost.Some even adopts illegal means. As is reported on TV and newspaper, many snack bars use some dirty refined oil to cook the meals. It is not easy for the customers to be aware of what they are eating. Usually there will be lots of bacteria in such kind of oil. These bacteria can cause deadly diseases, such as cancer. The customers become victims of the snack bars. Maybe you will ask,"What about KFC or Mc Donald's? The sanity equipments are good in these restaurants." My suggestion is that you'd better eat less. Foods in KFC and Mc Donald's contain much fat. They also cause health problems.Eating too much fried chicken, fried chips,hand burgs and something else may make you fat.

  In a word,I don't suggest people eat too much fast food.You have much to concern about when you are having fast food. To keep healthy,we have to pay attention to our habit of diet.


  然而,我不认为吃太多快餐对我们的健康有好处??觳褪称房赡艿贾?a href='http://www.toura.cn/yangsheng/jibingdaquan/' target='_blank'>疾病。我承认快餐很便宜,也很方便。你可以很容易地填满你的肚子而不付出太多的付出。你不必假装优雅,当你想。不同的口味满足不同的口味。你可以决定你要吃什么。但每个硬币都有两面??觳鸵灿新榉?。最令人担心的是快餐是否干净。为了获得更大的利润,一些小吃店想尽一切办法来降低成本,有的甚至









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